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Here’s Hope – Our Community


24 Oct Here’s Hope – Our Community

Here at Hope Lutheran Church we welcome everyone from the community to join us in worship. We delight, support and embrace each member for their contributions in living a life of service. Here are just a few member that make Hope Lutheran Church the vibrant, strong and diverse community that it is!

Thank you to Marshall Tidrick for these wonderful portraits.

Frances and Elmo have been at Hope since the beginning–1960! They continue to give a faithful witness to Christ in worship and service.

Church Portraits-1

Nora and daughter Cornelia (along with son Gatien) emigrated a few years ago from Togo, West Africa.

While life is not easy, they find strength and joy in the Lord that carries them along.

Church Portraits-17

Betty is a charter member of Hope, which means she was one of the first to join the church in 1960. She continues to be faithful today and participates in the Dorcas women’s fellowship.

Church Portraits-4

Anna and Neil are a blessing to Hope with their high energy and biomed engineering training. Married for a couple of years now, they love to be out and about enjoying all that Austin has to offer.

Church Portraits-57

The Songolo family has been a part of Hope for several years now. They came from Democratic Republic of Congo, and have settled in well in America. Faithful members, hard workers, and always impeccably dressed!

Church Portraits-30