Hope Lutheran Church | Easter letter from Pastor Heckmann
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Easter letter from Pastor Heckmann

31 Mar Easter letter from Pastor Heckmann

Here we are at the peak of the Christian church year—Holy Week and Easter. These events are at the center of saving faith and demonstrate the fullness of God’s saving love. I pray you make every effort to attend services and open yourself to the powerful blessing of the Holy Spirit as the good news of Jesus is proclaimed.

One of the great things about Easter, distinctive from Christmas, is that the message and joy of the season continue for seven weeks. The celebration doesn’t end on “the big day.” The power of Jesus’ resurrection as sign of His victory over sin and death is our ongoing reality. And actually not only for 50 days but all the way to our own resurrection from the dead at Christ’s second coming!

So, we are Easter people 24/7/365 (that means all day, every day :-)). What difference does it make? It’s like this—we followers of Jesus have genuine hope, authentic joy, life-changing truth, abundant love, and generosity in service. And all that is exactly what our sad and lost world needs. You can be a shining light, one true friend, for the blessing of someone else. You can let the resurrected life of Christ overflow into all your relationships.

“I know that my Redeemer lives…all glory to His name!”