Hope Lutheran Church | Pastor’s Fall Letter to the Church
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Pastor’s Fall Letter to the Church

29 Sep Pastor’s Fall Letter to the Church

From Pastor Heckmann:

You have surely heard by now that Pastor Mark Pulliam declined Hope’s call to be Assistant Pastor for Community Connections. He concluded under the guidance of the Spirit that he needed to continue in ministry in San Antonio.

While this is disappointing from our view, considering the time and effort and hopes we invested in pursuing his candidacy, we still recognize that God’s will is done in answer to our prayers. We still proceed with the confidence that an even better fulfillment of our plans and desires is being worked out by the Lord!

Only a day after we had received the announcement from Pastor Pulliam, our District Mission and Ministry Facilitator Mike Newman suggested that I contact the director of Concordia University-Irvine’s Cross-Cultural Ministry Center to seek input on other potential candidates. As it turns out, the director, Rev. Glenn Fluegge, was already scheduled for a visit to Austin. Even more, he would be on Hope’s campus to meet with LINC Austin and available for consultation with me!

This to me is firm evidence that the Holy Spirit is continuing to direct our path and lead us into wonderful opportunities. However that is finally brought to fulfillment, we remain open to God’s wisdom and blessing IN HIS WAY.

The Church Council recently reflected on our almost year-long effort now to bring on board a Community Connections Coordinator. The discussion included the insight that this is very much a “cutting edge” position, with no tried-and-true track of education and experience within the Lutheran church. Our three candidates so far have actually been pretty diverse.

Our determination at this point is to continue seeking a worker suitable for our congregation who can expand our commitment to Gospel outreach. All the while, we keep our hearts and minds and eyes receptive to the possibility that the Lord desires to do a new thing even beyond what we have conceived.