Hope Lutheran Church | Pastor’s Thanksgiving Letter
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Pastor’s Thanksgiving Letter

23 Nov Pastor’s Thanksgiving Letter

What are you thankful for?

These days I am thanking God for the people of Hope Lutheran Church! Seriously, I thank the Lord for this faithful and vigorous body of believers that He has gathered to be nourished by His Word and Sacraments and launched into active service of people in Jesus’ name.

You may not be aware of this—Hope has a real and growing reputation as a congregation that engages in genuine, practical, and helpful ministry across a spectrum of programs. This comes from within and outside the Lutheran church, the recognition that we are a vibrant group unafraid to seize opportunities. I have heard us described as a lively mission center. I have been told that our scope of outreach efforts surpasses that of most other (much larger) congregations in the area. We have been widely commended for our willingness to welcome and partner with a variety of people, ministries, groups, and organizations.

I am thankful that the Lord has supplied us for this work and that YOU have been bold to follow the Spirit’s leading. I pray this will only continue as we blaze a trail for further mission developments and perhaps even pioneer a productive approach to 21st century urban ministry. God is carrying us into an exciting future.

Oh, and for a church that doesn’t have any children, we sure have been baptizing a lot of them! Thanks be to God!

In Christ,

Pastor Heckmann