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19 Mar

imagesEver seen a scene in a movie or had a smell that sparked a memory in you? Sometimes these memories can be good but other times they can ignite emotions that bring up deep- seated anger. Shrek had a bit of wisdom when he said, “Donkeys are like onions, they have layers.” People are much like this. As we grow, we tend to stuff things down, harbor our anger and hurt, layers build over the old ones and then another as we go through the different seasons in life. Then out of the blue, something brings back a memory, and we realize that the stuff we have held onto has been rotting us from the inside and has made its way to the surface and we are left with no choice but to deal with the issue. We are unable to resolve these problems on own. We need a physician that can cure our core. Jesus is the master physician; ask Him to heal your heart so your true beauty can shine through.