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30 Apr

Have you ever been hungry while on a road trip and struggled to figure out what to eat because there are just too many choices? I have.

We have so many choices in life, it has become difficult to make decisions. Where do we bank, grocery shop, which department or hardware store? And what do you do about automobile repairs? Then there’s the TV provider–we pay for the most basic cable and still have over 100 channels to choose from, with just as many pay per view selections. And the list goes on and on until it becomes overwhelming. Sometimes we get disappointed with our choice and wish we had chosen differently.

What about churches? If you don’t like what one church says, drive two blocks to another one. You can keep this trend going until you find the one that says what you feel or want them to say–truth or not. With all these choices, how can we be sure we make the right decision?

No worries just make another choice and go on from there. I am so glad God does not do that. In John 15:16 Jesus says “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last.” He will never leave us! Even if we make the wrong choice, He is the one that we can count on to ALWAYS be with us.