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Hold Tight

22 Jan Hold Tight

HoldtightPsalm 119:49&50
“Remember your word to your servant, for you have given me hope. My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life.”

Wow! What a wind storm we had Saturday! A lot of stuff around our property was blown around including laundry that was hanging out to dry. It seemed like it would never relent. Even in the middle of the night I was awakened by something bouncing around outside. Then when I arrived at church Sunday morning, I found a long stretch of gutter had been ripped off the school and was hanging down. As I looked over the damage, I noticed that in the section that had been blown off, the screws had pulled out. They had lost their grip over time and were no longer anchored. They were worn, stripped, and ineffective.

Why am I sharing this with you? The screws can be a good illustration of our faith. When we exercise and continue to develop an active and nurtured faith, we can better withstand the struggles and difficulties of life by being anchored fast into something solid that CAN withstand the storms; our Lord and Savior! An active, ever-developing, and nurtured faith is the right hardware to grab more tightly onto God even in the fiercest storms.

Have you checked your screws lately? Are they in good repair? Are they tight? We can strengthen our “hardware” or faith through prayer, study of the Word, and the sacraments. This will preserve our grip on the Lord in every storm.

That is our part. God’s ever faithfulness reminds us that His grip on us will not loosen. He preserves our lives, and even when we don’t feel His presence, He is there. May you cling ever so tightly to God in the good times, and even tighter in the storms.