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Blind leading the Blind!!

29 Jan Blind leading the Blind!!

vision lost


How can we, as the body of Christ, lead others to Christ if we are walking around with blinders on… not in the physical sense but in our spiritual lives? Jesus called out the religious leaders, who were supposed to be leading the people, for their spiritual blindness. Are we any different?

For years I struggled with the distance between the ends of my arms and the my eyes. Seems as I reached 40, I could not longer hold my books and papers far enough away to read clearly. I had to break down and get reading glasses. They worked great, but year after year I would have to get stronger ones than the year before. Since I could see clearly at a distance (or so I thought), the constant putting them on to read, then off to see my class or my surroundings, what a struggle it was for me. My wife and I decided to look into lasik. I got the surgery and wow, what a whole new world. Everything has become so clear, and I don’t have to keep track of my glasses. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a spiritual lasik? Someplace we could go and have the unclear parts of our faith removed. There are too many things in our lives that get our focus, and in doing so we lose focus on what matters the most. Over ten years ago I was the leader of a middle school youth program. It grew from 1-2 youth to over 40. I was so proud of what “I” had accomplished. I had made it my identity within the church. God, who knew what was happening, removed me from that position, due to a work requirement out of town. During that time away, He showed me how I had focused on myself and lost focus on Him. He asked me where He was in all that “I” had accomplished. Though I taught about Him and His words, the focus was on me. Take a minute or two to think about what you are most focused on in your life. Be honest. Then, if it is not on Jesus, ask God to perform spiritual lasik on your heart and help you focus on Him. There is a great story in Matthew 20 where two blind men cried out to Jesus and He said, “What do you want from me?” “Lord, let our eyes be opened,” they replied. Then Jesus, doing something outside of cultural norms, reached out and touched their eyes and they immediately received their sight and followed Him. God is not only interested in our physical need, but even more then that is concerned about our spiritual health.

“Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find.”

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