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Greener Grass

30 Jul Greener Grass

Cattle_eating_grass_through_barbed_wire_fenceMatthew 6:33
“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

We live on 20 acres just outside of Manor. We really don’t do much to our back pasture, except keep it shredded down to a manageable level. Certainly, is not a super inviting place for other cattle to want to graze on, but yet we have to regularly send the neighbor’s cattle back to the other side of the fence. It always seems to be the same cow coming through the fence. We would fix one spot just for her to find another spot to force herself through. Not that our pasture is any better than our neighbors pasture, but there must be something that keeps enticing her over. To us it doesn’t make any sense and is very frustrating.
Aren’t we the same way in our lives, as well? We see something we don’t have and work at finding ways to get it. Or we see someone’s life that seemingly is so much better than our own and we dream of having that life instead? Then we work at chasing that life instead of the one we have. I often wonder if God gets frustrated with our lack of contentment with the gifts He has given us. It is so easy to get caught in this trap. Having a heart of gratitude is challenging when we are eyeing the things of the world. Gratitude only comes when we recognize that God is the giver of everything we have, both in this life and the life to come.
Let us be thankful for what we have and share with those who have less!